local government operation & maintenance

Dove Environmental also provides operation and maintenance services to local governments. Dove is able to help municipalities design and implement the best plan of action for their water and/or wastewater system, while keeping in mind their specific needs and challenges.


There are many benefits to contracting with Dove Environmental, a company backed by years of experience and a history of using the best and most relevant practices for municipal systems. However, one of the largest benefits is the ability for municipalities to efficiently and practically use government funds in a way that better reflects the capacities and capabilities of their governments.

“We appreciate the work that Dove Environmental does for us, going above and beyond!”

Sheila Landry

Village of Stephenville, St. Martin Water & Sewer Commission #1

a proven process

Dove Environmental has a proven process that allows for a comprehensive and concise approach to providing municipal services. We perform a complete assessment of the client’s needs, deliver services with a top-notch experience (including available 24-hour on-call service), provide O&M reports, and create a customized maintenance plan. This process is proven to help towns and cities provide better services and deliver sound infrastructure systems to their communities.

For more information about the services offered to municipalities, please contact Jill Howell Dugas at 337-354-2800 or by email at

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