Can I get help setting up my utilities?

Sometimes, you may not be aware of the different utilities that need to be set up when moving to a new location. It can become even more confusing if you aren’t sure whether your utilities are bundled together with one company or separated between different companies.

Acadiana Connections understands the stress this can cause and wants to give you peace of mind! They can help you set up all utilities needed for your new home free of charge. To get assistance, call 337-501-2336 and ask for Blake, Tina, or Boone. Visit their website for more info at

Why is my water bill more expensive than usual?

If your water bill seems high, here’s what might be happening:

  • Dripping faucets: Always make sure your faucets are turned completely off.
  • Running toilets: It is important to be aware if this becomes an issue. Running toilets can leak more water than we realize and should be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Extra usage: Have you been watering your lawn and garden, filling a pool, or washing your car? Any extra water usage can add up.
How do I know if I have a water leak?

Look at your water meter to determine if you have an internal plumbing leak.

If the red pointer on your meter is moving, and you are certain no water is being used at the time, this indicates there is an internal leak. The first place to check is your toilet or faucets.

Call our office at 337-354-2800 for more information on how to identify leaks.

What is safe to flush and what is not?

This topic is extremely important when it comes to your water and sewer drainage. What you can flush is simple:

  1. Human Waste
  2. Toilet Paper

Avoid flushing any other items down toilets, such as tissues, paper towels, and pharmaceuticals.

To learn more about what to avoid you can read this article

What substances are unsafe to wash down the sink?

Substances that should never be sent down your drains include:

  • Fats, oils, or greases
  • Toxic substances (e.g., paints and paint thinners, flammable liquids, etc.)
  • Corrosive substances

With Howell Environmental Companies, you’ll get reliably safe water from a team with more than 40 years’ experience that you can trust.

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